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Use the Pending Items Preview view to preview draft items and items that are pending approval, directly on the page. Users who submit items for approval and those who are approvers of items can access this view. Users can access this view when viewing approval notifications in the My Notifications portlet by clicking the page link for the item or by clicking Pending Items: Preview in the toolbar at the top of a page in Edit mode.

Note: Do not use system-level caching for approval-enabled pages. When system-level caching is enabled on approval-enabled pages, some items, such as draft, pending, rejected, and deleted rejected items, do not display in List view or Pending Items Preview, the only two views where such items normally display, until they are submitted for approval.

From this view, you can also access the other editing views and perform editing functions on the page. Click this icon to access the page's property sheet. Display this sheet to view required and optional properties.

Click to go to a page that you select. The target page displays in the current edit mode. Click to display help for the page this is the link you clicked to access this topic.

Note: This mode is only available if mobile support is enabled for your portal. Toolbar: View Page Click to display the page without the editing tools. Note: This link changes to "View Template" when editing a template. Toolbar: Page Group Click Properties to edit the properties of the page group to which this page belongs.

Toolbar: Page Click:. Note: The Style and Access links do not appear when the page is based on a template that does not allow pages based on it to specify their own style or access. Toolbar: Create Click Sub-Pages to create another page beneath this page. Toolbar: Edit Template Click to edit the template on which the current page is based.

After you click this link, another link displays in this link's place, "Back to Page". You can click this after you edit the template. It returns you to the page on which you started. Note: This only appears when the page you are editing is based on a template. Notes You can only see the links for actions that you are authorized to perform.

If you do not see a particular link, you do not have the page group or page privileges to perform that action. To item owners, List view and Pending Items Preview display the draft version of any items whose status is Draft. The active item is displayed in all other views Graphical and Layout. To non-owners, the active item is always displayed in all views. When a page that contains a draft item is cached at the system level, drafts do not display in any edit view mode in this case, List and Pending Items Preview.

To avoid access problems, do not cache pages at the system level when Approvals and Notifications are enabled. Related Help Topics Concepts: What are items?

redigera sidgrupp: objekt

What is a page?WorkCentre C Recommend Documents. Manuell inmatning av destinationsadress. Att redigera och radera snabbvalstangenter. Programmering av en grupptangent. Redigera och radera grupptangenter. Lagring av ett gruppregister. Skriva ut programmerad information. Kontrollera IP-adressen. Att faxa ett dubbelsidigt dokument. Mottagning av fax. Skicka eget nummer. F-kod minnespolling. Att skriva ut ett dokument som mottagits i en F-kod konfidentiell faxminnesbox.

Ta emot ett fax efter ett samtal manuell mottagning. Lagring av snabbvalstangenter. Lagring av en grupptangent. Lagring av program. Att redigera och radera program. Programmering, redigering och radering av F-kod faxminnesboxar. Programmering av en F-kod faxminnesbox. Att redigera och radera en faxminnesbox. Matar in tecken.Varje jobb har fyra flikar: Sammanfattning, Sidor, Laddar ner och Historik.

Ange miniatyrstorlek. Fliken Laddar ner. Astrid kan endast granska sidorna. Avdocka den markerade panelen. Om det t.

redigera sidgrupp: objekt

En del av dokumentationen distribueras i PDF-format. Kontrollera din kalender. Novell Vibe 4. Qlik Sense Cloud Qlik Sense 2.

Qlik, QlikTech. Spara zip-filen med certifikatet. Visma Proceedo Att logga in - Manual Version 1. Exempel: www. CHEF 4 2. ENHET 5 3. Novell Messenger 3.

redigera sidgrupp: objekt

GroupWise 6. Novell Filr 2. Om Filr Med. Windows Vista - 64 bitar Windows Vista - 32 bitar Starta konfigureringsverktyget Studentmanual InledningNetscape Navigator eller Internet Explorer.

HTMLeditor t. Ange tabellens namn. Exempel: www. Skapa nya sidor Om man. Skapa sida 5. Meny 7. Redigering av www. Logga in Logga in SIDA 2 3. Hem SIDA 2 4. Avancerat SIDA 4 5. Texteditor SIDA. Grunderna i Typo3 5 2. Sidor 8 3. Introduktion 3 2. Inloggning 3 3. Publicering av nyheter 4 4. Hantera nyheter 7 5. Sidor 8 7. Administration av asrp. Ellibot 1.Use this page to view the content of the current page as a list.

On this page, you can add items and sub-pages; edit the items, tabs, and sub-pages hosted by the current page; and perform actions on multiple objects simultaneously. Only the items that belong to the current page are included in List View. If the page is based on a template, you do not see any of the items that belong to the template nor any of the items placed on template-provided tabs. To access items that belong to a template, you must edit the template.

To access items placed on template-provided tabs, you must display the page in another view mode. List View does not display sub-items, portlets, or portlet instances.

To see these objects you must use one of the other edit views. However, a search results list on a search initiated from List view displays sub-items that meet the search criteria. You can see links only for those actions that you are authorized to perform.

If you do not see a particular link, you do not have the page group or page privileges to perform that action. In contrast, you see all buttons, regardless of whether you have the privilege to use them. But you cannot perform a button's related action if you do not have the required privilege. The columns that appear in List View are determined by how this view is configured in page group properties.

The page group administrator can select and arrange what columns display in List View and specify whether the Edit link and check boxes appear next to the listed objects. By default, all page groups inherit the List View settings that are defined for the Shared Objects page group. Changes made to the Shared Objects settings affect page groups where the List View settings have not been personalized. Once users personalize a page group's List View settings, changes to the Shared Objects List View settings no longer affect them.

Click this icon to access the page's property sheet. Display this sheet to view required and optional properties. Click to go to a different page that you select.

The target page displays in List view. Note: This selection displays only if Approvals and Notifications is enabled for the page group. Toolbar: Mobile Click Preview to preview how the page would look in a mobile device.

Note: This selection displays only if mobile support is enabled for your portal. Toolbar: View Page Click to display the page without the editing tools. Note: This link changes to "View Template" when you are editing a template.Use this page to choose and edit style properties as well as preview your style results.

A style controls the colors and fonts used by pages. It also controls the colors and fonts of the tabs, portlets, and items displayed within pages. Compare this to a layoutwhich controls the position of content on a page.

The content of the Style Element Properties and Preview sections refresh to reflect the style element type you choose. Style Element Properties The following table lists all properties associated with the style elements on the style element list.

Different style elements carry different properties. None of the style elements use all of them. Following the description of the color palette, all properties are listed for reference in alphabetical order. Choose the style element for which you want to change the colors and fonts. The page automatically refreshes and displays style properties related to the style element you choose. For example, if you choose the Region Banner style element property under the Common style element type, the page refreshes and displays the Background ColorHeight In Pixelsand Text Alignment style properties.

Enter the hexadecimal code for the color that you want to use for the background of the chosen style element. Click Apply to save your changes and view them in the Preview section. Notes: If a hexadecimal code is selected that is not available in the color palette, then tabs and portlet corners display squared and not rounded. If you do not know the hexadecimal code, use the color palette to select the color. When a page uses an HTML page skin template, the background color is taken from the template and any background color specified in a defined style is ignored.

If the HTML page skin does not define a background color, no background color is applied to the page. Background Image Enter the path and file name of the image to display in the background of the page or region. Alternatively, click Browse to locate the image. When you click Applythe file is uploaded to the page group. To delete an existing background image, click. Color Enter the hexadecimal code for the color to use for the chosen style element.

Note: If you do not know the hexadecimal code, use the color palette to select the color. However, when applied to items displayed as hyperlinks, they behave differently:. Fixed units are expressed as exact values. They do not scale. Relative units are expressed as values relative to the surrounding text. Relative units allow fonts to scale when pages are viewed across different devices or when browser text settings are adjusted.

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Preview Field Description Preview Displays a preview of the style properties chosen on this page.Viktig information 9.

Viktig information Vissa av dessa funktioner finns bara i vissa av modellerna. Identifiera undervattensobjekt. Visa bottenstrukturen. Visa vattendjupet och vattentemperaturen. Anm: Simulatorn visar inget verkligt scenario. Bakgrundsbelysning Justera bakgrundsbelysningen 1.

Skriva i en dialogruta 1. Navigationsfunktionerna avbryts. Larm Larmen varnar vid faror eller en specifik situation. Kvittera ett larm 1. Kapitel 3: Waypoints Skriv in den nya waypointens position.

Navigera till en waypoint 1. Markera waypointen. Avbryta navigering till en waypoint 1. Sortera waypointlistan 1. Listan sorteras enligt valt alternativ. Flytta en waypoint i waypointlistan 1. Markera den waypoint du vill ta bort i listan. Ta bort alla waypoints 1. Flytta waypoints mellan grupperna 1. Markera den waypoint du vill flytta. Ta bort en waypointgrupp 1. Skriv in det nya namnet. En grupp med en aktiv waypoint kan inte tas bort.

Kapitel 4: Plotterfunktionen Ruttnavigering med snabbrutt 1. Markera den waypoint som skall tas bort i ruttens waypointlista. Kvarvarande waypoints numreras om.

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Avbryta ruttnavigering 1. C-serien Lathund www. Datahelm Installations- och driftshandbok w w w.

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